Best vacuum advice for regarding cat allergies?

So, basically, my boyfriend and I are looking to get our own apartment after living with roommates for the past year or so. In our previous apartment, we did not live in the same space as my two cats since our roommate had a very misbehaved cat that would destroy things and jump out the windows. They essentially had run over the entire apartment except for the bedroom which is where we spent a majority of our time but had to keep the door closed. But now that we are getting our own apartment, I really want to try and incorporate them more in our day-to-day living (like having them sleep in the bed again, hang out on the couch together, etc.) since they really need a lot more attention than what they were receiving in our last place. However, both of my cats are long haired and my boyfriend is moderately allergic to them. He’s really cool about me keeping them, even though he has frequent asthma attacks (he hasn’t had them for years until he’s been around my cats) and his eyes/face flare up from their dander. But with our new apartment, I really want my boyfriend to be able to live comfortably with my cats.

Now, I know a lot of people are going to suggest grooming and brushing my cats more often. I do groom them quite a bit, however, the cat that sheds the more of the two has serious issues when it comes to grooming. He’s normally a very calm and docile pet, but when it comes to grooming him, he freaks out to the point where he can seriously hurt himself (and he has in the past) than to be brushed. I used to groom animals for a vet (some that even had to be sedated) and he really behaves worse than any animal that I have ever seen. Also, once we move, I am changing their diet to a more healthier brand that would help with the shedding. So, with that being said, I was hoping I could get some alternative suggestions that may help my boyfriend’s allergies such as what kind of bedding fabrics should i buy (that aren’t terribly expensive) that won’t attract so much cat hair (he has asthma attacks most frequently at night). Or what kind of household products should I buy that may help neutralize the allergens? Oh (and this is pretty silly), does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of vacuums work best regarding picking up cat hair or any other products that work really well with removing embedded hair from couches and fabrics? If anyone has their own little miracles regarding pet dander, I would greatly appreciate hearing them.

Also on a side-note, besides scooping and changing the litter frequently, does anyone have any suggestions on what more I can do to control little box odors as well?

Keep the cats out of the bedroom. Don’t let them in there at all. An allergist told me this year that at night you need to be in a low allergy setting while you sleep so your system doesn’t get overwhelmed. Besides, asthma attacks can be life threatening. An air purifier in the bedroom can be a plus too as long as no cats are in there. I have heard that some people react well to allergy shots for cat allergies. I get the swelling and sneezing/sinus attack, but not asthma, that would scare me.

I have cat allergies. Here’s what works for me…

1) If you around an allergen a lot you’ll stop reacting to it as much

2) claritin works wonders for me (none of the other allergins do)

3) If I have an allergy attack, I generally do a couple of things:

  • I’ll use a neti pot (pour water through one nasal passage and it comes out the other). Actually if you use a neti pot regularly (say twice a day) it will greatly reduce your allergies.

  • If I’m having a particularly bad attack and want to stop it I’ll splash my face with ice cold water. Not sure why this works, but it will stop the allergies in their tracks. It’s got to be really cold water though, the type that makes you gasp when it hits your face.

It’s the cat’s saliva he is allergic to- so it’s not so much “grooming” the cat that helps, but more wiping them down with a damp towel at least daily.

A box scooped daily should not have any odors.

It is quite an unpopular opinion around here, but I’ll say it anyway-allergies are an unbalanced immune system, and that can be vastly improved with diet- your boyfriends, not your cats. I’ve seen time and time and time again how eliminating processed foods helps allergy sufferers tremendously.

I know it’s their saliva, but they also shed a very great deal to the point where I have balls of fur flying around the house less than fifteen minutes after I vacuum. I was more asking for some suggestions regarding controlling shedding apart from what I know about grooming and diets. And regardless where my boyfriend’s allergies come from, I can’t really ask him to have to change anything regarding his lifestyle to accommodate my cats. It’s not really fair of me to ask when he makes the more money out of the two of us (he spends more on bills than I do) and he doesn’t even like cats. I’m trying to ask what I can do so that he doesn’t have to suffer on my behalf. Also, as for my litter box, neither one of my cats likes to cover what they do. It’s a little exhausting for the litter to start smelling within two hours after changing out the entire box. I’m just asking for suggestions on what time of litter works well or if anyone has any odor eliminating suggestions.

better quality food will result in less smelly and less frequent poop. I also use Arm & Hammer cat litter, its scented and does a good job (my boys dont cover their poop either)


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