find a vacuum that long hair doesn’t make cry?

My spouse and I both have long hair, and we also have two furry pets, so our poor vacuum has a lot to put up with and the roller requires a length de-hairing process every few uses. Has anyone resolved this problem?

I got a small plastic rake (no joke) and just run it over the floor before vacuuming. It looks like a giant tumbleweed, but it’s not as much of an issue in the vac because you can just pick it up and throw it out – then vacuum as normal. However a few still get missed so I’ll have to exacto-knife the hair out of the vac, but not as often as before the rake.

I’m late to find this, but I have long, very curly hair and 2 cats with medium length fur and our Dyson Animal upright is great. Husband has only done 2 or 3 “tune-ups” (filter clean, hair pulled off roller bar, etc) in the year we’ve owned it. It was expensive, but I’d say well worth it compared to how often we were replacing the Dirt Devil on sale at Kroger…

We actually ended up getting one of the new Dyson animals. It’s working pretty well. We find the stair attachments kinda suck for it, but my hair doesn’t make it cry. When the brush gets a bit clogged it’s pretty easy to get out.

I have an old Orek upright, and my daughter’s very long hair destroyed the beater bar, had to replace it. The way I ended up coping with it was having her use the wand and floor attachment with the handheld vac that comes with the upright in her room where she brushes out and styles her hair. Solved our problem, though it’s less convenient for her.

I don’t think you’ll find a beater bar that can self-clean very long hair. Shop vacs are super powerful, inexpensive, and nearly indestructible, and I’ve often thought that if I had to replace my Orek today, I might try using a shop vac for a while. The down side, of course, is they are bulky and awkward to use.




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