Mythical vacuum cleaners capable of removing pet hair in Brisbane?

As the title suggests, I am hunting for a vacuum cleaner that will fair remarkably better in picking up cat hair and general shit out of my carpet. I’ve been using a standard vacuum cleaner for some time, but am finding it’s getting old and just doesn’t do the job.

Anyone know of any stores or have a specific recommendation for a vacuum cleaner that could remove every bit of hair that is embedded in the carpet? Or is it something I should buy online?

Oh, and they are medium hair cats if that helps.

One more word. Underpowered. I have a ragdoll, and my dyson cyclonic has no where near the pickup of the miele cat and dog I got for half the price.

3 words. Deshedding brush. I had a rag do and used to be hair everywhere. Brush every 2-3 days problem fixed. Also base model stain may be underpowered but spend a lil extra and it has the sucking power of that girl everyone knows who has got the nickname Hoover

I fucking love my dyson. Had it for about 7 years now, and it does a damn good job cleaning up after our two cats. Maybe not every hair, but it certainly does the job better than any other (non industrial) vacuum I have used or owned.

I have a miele cat and dog. It’s great. The power head runs off ducted suction rather than electricity. So you have use it on any vac it fits. My recommendation would be to try and just buy the powerhead, use it with your current vac and see where you are. I use the powerhead on the $25 kmart vac at work and it makes a huge difference. I went online for my vac, they are operated by the same organisation as the good guys. I only have good things to say about them.

Bought a ‘Vax’ brand bagless from Good Guys in Mt Gravatt. Cheaper than a Dyson, but similar style. Won a Choice award last year. Have had it for about 6 weeks and it works great. Have two dogs, one with a lot of fur, cleans it up perfectly. We had a Miele Cat & Dog which worked well and lasted for about 5-6 years.

I have a wertheim 6035 which comes with an electric power head. The power head is the key. I have 2 German sheps and a cat. It absolutely rapes carpet, in a good way.

I’ve got a Wertheim with a powerhead and this tube filter thing before it goes into the bag/base. It’s pretty epic. The tube fills up with all the stuff larger than dust (mainly cat hair) and you just unclick and empty it as you go. Means I’ve not yet replaced the somewhat expensive filter-cloth bag as it hardly gets stuff going into it…. I’ve had it for about 5 years and my lungs love it.

You can get specialised pet hair removing doodads; I’ve found that the power head we got with ours with the rotating brush of doom does an alright job.


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