What’s the best way to get dog hair off of clothing and upholstery?

I have a boxer and her hair is weirdly difficult to remove from clothes and next to impossible to remove from my car upholstery. We never had this problem with my medium-haired cat’s fur, even though it would get on everything. If the dog’s hair gets on a wool coat or dress, we basically need to take a tweezer to the garment for 30-40 minutes to extract each hair individually, which is so annoying. I’ve had some luck with certain items just putting them in the dryer (with no heat) with an old, clean sneaker, which I think sort of bangs the hair off, but for other things it’s really tough. Anybody have any good tips for removing dog hair from these items without spending so much time on it? The latest effort is just trying to vacuum more, but sometimes one excited greeting is enough to cover us in hair.

Martha Stewart had a pretty good tip a few years ago – put on rubber gloves (the household cleaning type) and just rub the hair off. It works really well on my tweed couch.

Textured rubber gloves or a rubber brush work extremely well. They’ll be even more effective when you add a mist of water lifting pet fur from clothes, carpeting and furnishings. You can also just dampen the palms of your hands (if you don’t have any of the rubber brushes with you while away from home) and it’ll lift some off the clothing, but no where as good as with the rubber brushes.

Damp sponge works the best in my experience. I like it better than the sticky rolling things for clothes. Works well for the inside of the car too. Makes the hair roll up in a ball.

For vacuuming the furniture, I just got a Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away. It is AWESOME. Not kidding. My furniture has never been this clean. We have 4 dogs + fosters so we have a HUGE amount of hair in our house.

We’re just about due for a new vacuum. We have a Eureka that was marketed as being especially good with pet hair, but the tool that came with it for that purpose stopped working about a year in. This one’s going on my list. Thanks!

The only solution I have found is rubber. Rubber gloves or a block or rubber. You just rub it on the carpet or upholstery or clothing and it comes right off. I dealt with this for years literally vacuuming twice or three times a day until I figured this out. Get some gloves. Seriously it works.

If you can’t find a sticky lint roller then wide packing tape does the trick. I have a Doberman with similar fur problems and they both work.







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