Vacuum cleaner discussion.

One thing about rabbits is that they can definitely put a vacuum cleaner through its paces. Hay, poop balls, endless fur (depending on breed)… keeping up after them can be a challenge.

I just wanted to share my experience and maybe others could do the same. It might be helpful to someone on the vacuum cleaner market.

Bissell Lift-off Revolution: We bought this on a relative budget. Sure, we’d love to have had a Dyson, but we just couldn’t afford that. So we bought this guy. The special ‘pet’ edition with a bonus brushy thing.

Long story short… It sucked. And not the way you want. It clogged up readily in places that were a pain to clear out. I ended up making a special Vacuum Uber De-clogger Tool… out of a wire hanger… to shove or tug blockages out of various parts, including the base (with the beater). Sometimes I’d even have to bust out some tools and take the whole thing apart just to fix clogs from hair and hay.

…. So, next up…

Dyson DC-25 Ball (animal edition): Oh-em-gee. This vacuum is the bee’s knees. And no, I’m not a Dyson employee or PR guy (in fact, I don’t work at all, aside from around the house). Sure, it can be expensive but ours was a refurb, a fraction of the price, and totally awesome.

It really never loses suction. Well, only if you suck up large swaths of hay with the hose. There’s a U-joint where the hay can get jammed, but the joint opens easily (it’s just spring loaded, push a lever), so it’s easy to clear. But if you use the beater on the hay, it has no problems at all sucking everything up. The automatic height adjustment makes it easy to go from our wall-to-wall carpet to the top of the many layers of rabbit flooring we have in their pen. And it has no problem rolling over and sucking up poop balls (which the other vacuum either shoved around unless you manually adjusted it higher, at which point it didn’t do much to the low pile industrial carpet in their pen).

It does a great job sucking up everything, even crazy messes. And for routine vacuuming, it clearly picks up way more dirt than the other vacuum did. Plus it’s easy to dump out the canister. Just push a button to release it from the vacuum and another button flips the bottom out so everything falls out into the garbage.

Conclusion In our experience, the Dyson is a revelation. It’s probably worth it at full price but it’s definitely worth it at half the price as a refurb. Especially if you’re a clean freak. Our rabbit habitat is so much easier to clean now. Just open up and vacuum. Before we’d have to sweep, then vacuum, then fix the vacuum, then vacuum more.

Anyone else?

And sorry if this seems like an infomercial for Dyson. If you check my history, you can see I have been a part of reddit and this subreddit for a long time. And I just really wanted to share how happy a change of vacuum made my wife and I.


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